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29 December 2009 @ 02:25 pm

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29 November 2009 @ 01:52 am
-- List and rank your top 10 hottest fictional characters.
-- They can be from any movie, TV show, or literary work.
-- Include photos (if applicable) and a brief explanations of why you chose them.

So...I always talk about this in terms of actual celebrities, especially with Natalie, who knows how fickle I am, but fictional characters are just as fun and yummy. And I will probably want to change this in like, an hour.

But...here goes!

10. Aragon

He's so noble...but he's also kind and generous and totally sexy as he cleaves his way through waves of Orcs. And his voice....ahhh.

9. Lucas Scott

Brooding...romantic...mysterious...athletic...definitely sexy. He is part of the soap opera I became seriously addicted to, and while I would probably find myself settling down with Nathan in real life, Lucas is definitely the sexier of the two.

8. Jack Dawson (from Titanic)

He sweeps you off your feet with his romantic declarations, his passionate words and feelings, and sweet sexiness during the scene where he draws her....mmmmm...he would have captivated me on the Titanic, and he captiavtes me with his seemingly innocent naivety but definitely sexiness.

7. Chandler Bing

I fangirled him for 10 years...sarcastic, commitment phobic Chandler finally settles down with someone eerily similar to me, so of course I find him sexy, lol. His comments never fail to make me laugh, and for some reason I love his body language and hand gestures. They are part of the sexiness for me. And the image is from my faaaavorite season from Friends. Love love love.

6. Christian (from Moulin Rouge)

Goodness - the man sings and dances and believes in love above all. He fights for the woman he loves. He has a voice that melts my bones. He woos her with one amazing song. He just aaaaaaah look at those dimples!! Just forget for one second that I know he's also Obi-Wan Kenobi and can therefore also be macho and kick some butt if need be. He swoons and romances like the best of them, and I get lost in the music and lyrics and passionate whirlwind, driven by his powerful performance as the naive, beautiful Christian.

5. John Smith (from Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

I have this thing about the hot action star - and this is the epitome of the hot action star. He is suave, daring, reckless, passionate...I mean...look at the picture. And out of the two of them, he is the one that fights for the relationship! And he's obviously intelligent...I need intelligence in my sexiness. It is extremely sexy to me to see men in control of their situation, capable of handling themselves...and he can definitely handle himself. And his woman.

4. Richard Rahl (from the Sword of Truth Series, Terry Goodkind)

First off - this is NOT THE TV VERSION, which if you've read the books at all, you know they only very lightly based on and butcher like I've never seen before. This is the BOOK version, where Richard is a smoldering, towering, noble mass of man that I've never seen the likes of, and would be fiercely intimidated by if I did. His raptor gaze, broad shoulders, powerful figure, and big hands are imposing, but he's also intelligent, kind hearted, fair, believes in justice, and extremely loyal and passionate about his woman. Mmmhmm.

3. Jack Shepard

He is sometimes achingly noble - but he is also emotional and passionate. He is ruggedly handsome, capable of handling almost any situation thrown at him, and his story becomes tragic and heartbreaking...yet you want to comfort him like he wants to comfort the woman who doesn't quite want him. And he's also somewhat mysterious when he shows up, with those sexy tattoos...

2. Ron Weasley

How could I not include someone from the HP universe? I am in love with Ron Weasley. He is funny, loyal, heartbreakingly so at times...I think he's far more intelligent that most give him credit for, emotional and passionate, and I love the red hair and freckles. He is not done any justice on screen, though Rupert Grint is achingly adorable. But Ron in DH - love.

1. Rohan (from the Melanie Rawn series)

If you have read this series, there will be no explanation necessary. If you haven't -- there has never been a character so complex, so wonderfully passionately sexily devoted to his wife, so capable of leading and handling situations...gah my imagination soars with Rohan. He is not perfect by any means, even how he treats Sioned, but he gives me shivers. And of course, there is no picture for this one. But I don't need one. He exists perfectly in my imagination, flawed and all. And glorious.

This will probably change, but I'm finally satisfied with this list.


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